The Rákóczi Association is to send Christmas gifts to 22 000 ethnic Hungarian preschool children, directing parents’ attention to the importance of Hungarian school choice

The Rákóczi Association is committed to the promotion of Hungarian school choice among minority Hungarian communities, The Association is convinced that Hungarian-language education is the best decision both with view to the child’s hoped future success and the persistence of Hungarian communities.

The Association’s Hungarian School Choice Programme covers the entire regions of Upper Hungary, Subcarpathia and Vojvodina, as well as parts of Transylvania and Partium including Máramaros, Szatmár, Bihar, Arad, Temes, Fehér, Hunyad, Szeben and Beszterce-Naszód counties, as well as the towns of Torda and Dés and their surroundings.

Excerpt from the book of fairytales:


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