This year too, the Rákóczi Association is opening its Subcarpathian Travel Programme, ran in cooperation with the State Secretariat for Nation Policy at the Prime Minister’s Office, in order to boost tourism in the Subcarpathian region and strengthen inter-Hungarian relations.

The details of the programme were disclosed by ministerial commissioner István Grezsa and Chairman of the Rákóczi Association Csongor Csáky at the Hungexpo Budapest Exhibition Centre’s stall for the Subcarpathian region from 11:30 a.m., 27th February 2020.

This year, applications are open to family organizations, faculties, senior and church communities, as well as municipalities with the aim of fostering or establishing twinning arrangements from the Carpathian Basin through the Rákóczi Association’s website.

Groups are eligible or support in covering travel costs of up to HUF 300 000.

Launched by the Rákóczi Association for the first time in spring 2016, the scheme has since developed into a success story, seeing some 20 000 travellers in over 350 tour groups visit Subcarpathia. This made a major contribution to boosting tourism in the troubled region and also brings about substantial moral support to locals, bearing witness to the heightened interest in the region and its inhabitants on behalf of fellow Hungarians living in other areas of the Carpathian Basin. Groups travelling to Subcarpathia spend an average of two nights at guesthouses and rural tourism providers in the region, thus assisting the livelihoods of economically stressed locals by tens of millions of forints.