The Rákóczi Association has launched a virtual time capsule under the name “I’m Hungarian 2020” – “Magyar vagyok 2020”.

We appeal to all Hungarians to leave a video, audio or text message beginning with “I’m Hungarian…” on the site until 4th June 2020.

Doing so is simple – look up the site, follow instructions and leave a message for the future. Anyone can submit any message beginning with the phrase “I’m Hungarian”.

The virtual capsule will close on 4th June 2020 and reopen twenty years from now, on 4th June 2040.

2020 is the Year of National Unity. A hundred years have passed since the Trianon decision, and we have endured. While we mourn our losses and being separated from each other, we have reason for joy; in spite of the past hundred years, we have not vanished from the map, we have not perished, and we can look toward the future with confidence.

Being Hungarian is of value – a unique language, a determining culture and an extraordinary community.

We are a world nation, present in a multitude of spots across the Carpathian Basin and the wide world.

Let us unite, embrace Hungarian communities in a virtual sense and put our faith in persistence by leaving a message for the future!