Upon the request of the Hungarian Diaspora Council and commissioned by the Government of Hungary, the Rákóczi Association provides an opportunity to approximately 1000 young Hungarians between the ages of 10 and 29 living in the diaspora to participate in a study tour to Hungary within the framework of the DIASPORA PROGRAMME, for the third time in the year 2019.

1. Programme objectives:

  • To facilitate through interpersonal relations the awareness of belonging to one another, to the motherland and to the Hungarian youth of the Carpathian Basin among young Hungarians of the diaspora;
  • To develop the avareness of being Hungarian in the youth of the diaspora and their knowledge of the Hungarian language with input from experts in Hungary;
  • To enhance the efficiency of high-quality information transfer ongoing in the diaspora, targeting the feeling of national belonging. Furthermore, wide-scale experience acquisition in the native environment, as well as the improvement of intellectual, cultural and methodological knowledge to serve the above goals;
  • To provide professional support and inspiration for those living in the diaspora in connecting to Hungarian organizations and for active community involvement outside the motherland;
  • To reinforce the relations of Hungarians in the diaspora with the motherland by establishing a novel relation network and to activate cooperation between regions across the border, sporadic and diaspora regions and extend it on a broader scale, at an all-Hungarian level.


2. Programme content:

The Diaspora Programme contains 16 various programme periods between January and December 2019, including thematic study tours and summer camps that applicants can freely choose from. Within the selected programme period they can participate in a study tour in Hungary for a period of 5-10 consecutive days.

2.1 Planned programme periods:



Name of Programme




18-27 February 2019


1st All-Hungarian secondary school camp

1-10 July 2019


1st Folk dance camp

15-24 July 2019


1st Mother tongue camp

15-24 July 2019


1st Sports camp

15-24 July 2019


2nd Folk dance camp

12-21 August 2019


2nd Mother tongue camp

12-21 August 2019


2nd Sports camp

12-21 August 2019



11-20 December 2019


Other selectable programmes from Rákóczi Association’s programme offer:



Name of Programme



Pentecost – June Festival

3-12 June 2019


 2nd All-Hungarian secondary school camp

5-10 August 2019


All-Hungarian university students’ camp

19-28 August 2019


Gloria Victis

14-23 October 2019



2.2 Planned programme themes:

All programme periods include visits to Budapest, a region in rural Hungary as well as a Hungarian-populated region accross the border.

Programmes in Budapest:

  • Getting to know Budapest, heritage and features, sights, attractions, museums
  • Experiencing Budapest
  • Programmes in the vicinity of Budapest
  • Acclimatization, getting to know one another, community building
  • Mother tongue activities, development of basic language skills
  • Learning folk dances, traditional dance club

Programmes in rural Hungary and across the border:

  • Excursions
  • Experience activities (e. g.harvest, wine tasting, pig slaughter, etc.)
  • Learning folk dances, traditional dance club
  • Visits to spas

3. Range of applicants:

  • Hungarian youth living in the diaspora

Applicants to the Programme may include Hungarian youth between the ages of 10 and 29 living in the diaspora who have actively participated (for at least 1 year) in the work of week-end schools, cultural associations or religious communities operating in the local Hungarian community. The local Hungarian organization is requested to certify the existence of the organization concerned.
Within the framework of the Programme one and the same person may visit Hungary on one occasion, in a freely chosen programme period between 1 January and 31 December 2019.
Underage participants (under the age of 18) may participate only if arriving in a group (of at least 5 persons) and accompanied by an adult. The application of underage participants requires their parents’ approval.

  • Accompanying persons

Those who wish to apply as “accompanying persons” are required to be at least 21 years old, who is an active figure in the community (teachers, folk dance teachers, community leaders, etc.); and required to speak at least conversational level of Hungarian language. Accompanying persons shall attach their motivational letter on the online application surface.
Underage applicants are able to participate only in 5-person groups, with one accompanying person.


3.1 Guideline quotas according to regions:

  • North America: 350 participants
  • Western Europe: 300 participants
  • South America: 200 participants
  • Australia and New Zealand: 90 participants
  • Israel: 50 participants
  • South America: 10 participants


4. Programme financing:

For successful applicants, the Rákóczi Associations will cover the costs of accomodation, catering, accident insurance, all travel expenses within Hungary and all expenditure implied by workshops, events and admission fees related to the Programme through the programme period.

The Rákóczi Association provides refunds of travel expenses of participants and accompanying persons to Hungary and back to their countries of origin according to the following:

  • North America: HUF 100,000
  • Western Europe, Israel: HUF 20,000
  • South America: 1000 Dollar in HUF
  • Australia and New Zealand: HUF 150,000
  • South Africa: HUF 150,000

Travel from the country of origin to Hungary and back as well as insurance against accidents will be arranged by the participants and accompanying persons for themselves.


5. Submitting and assessing applications

The application period is between 1st December 2018 – 20th March 2019.

Exception: Applications are to be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the beginning of the programme in the case of programme periods in February and March 2019!


Applications may be submitted individually or in groups through the following link:


The applications will be assessed by Rákóczi Association in close cooperation with the representatives of the organizations of the Hungarian diaspora within 15 days after closing the application deadline (and within 5 days after closing the application deadline in the case of programmes in February and March). The decisions will be made by Rákóczi Association considering the conditions set, quotas, as well as the order of receiving the applications. After decisions of acceptance are made, each successful applicant will be informed by electronic mail.


Contact details

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Central office of the Rákóczi Association:
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